Chief Credit Officer

Position Summary:

Responsible for overall credit policy and credit quality of the Bank’s loan portfolio. Develops, updates, implements and executes loan policy and oversees effective risk rating system/process.  Manages and oversees all credit analysts and loan operations support functions.  Actively participates in development and implementation of ongoing credit training.  Assists in detection of any deterioration of loan quality.  Monitors and manages loan portfolio concentration.  Provides critical input to the development, implementation, and administration of lending and bank-wide policies and procedures.  Also develops and maintains own commercial and real estate loan portfolio.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manages all aspects of the Bank’s credit policy and credit administration.  Oversees and ensures sound credit decisions for all loans. Develops and updates the Bank’s Loan policy. Monitors compliance with Loan Policy and appropriate regulations. Approves loans within lending authority. Evaluates and recommends policy or procedure changes.
  • Nurtures a credit culture consistent with Board standards and expectations. Chairs the Loan Committee (Officer Loan Committee and Executive Loan Committee). Coaches and mentors lending staff with lending structure and terms.  Ensures that loan packets/materials are compiled thoroughly and disseminated in a timely manner for review and analysis prior to Committee meeting. Uses Loan Committee to foster and further develop the Bank’s credit culture. Is the “keeper of the keys” relative to the Bank’s credit culture.
  • Implements a system of credit analysis and quality control for all loans made as required by the Board-approved Loan policy.  Oversees the Bank’s Risk Rating system and ensures it is consistently applied.
  • Oversees centralization of Loan Operations. Examines files systematically for adequacy of credit and collateral documentation, regulatory compliance, and loan policy conformance; reviews technical exceptions and deficiencies; reports continued outstanding exceptions to Board of Directors.
  • Prepares written analyses on all large loans, large aggregate lending to one borrower, complex loans, and weak loans.
  • Oversees and manages “Special Assets” or work out loans. Makes recommendation for assignment of loans to the “watch loan list” reviewed monthly with the Board of Directors; discusses status of problem loans with Senior Vice President and Loan Collection Specialist. Makes recommendations regarding future credit information needs; identifies loans meeting non-accrual or charge-off criteria.
  • Analyzes monthly the adequacy of the allowance for loan and lease losses, including FASB 105 and 114 analysis. Prepares appropriate monthly/quarter/annual Board of Directors reports. Prepares periodic studies of various portions of the loan portfolio including past due reports, concentrations of credit, etc. for benefit of supervisory and executive officers.
  • Supervises employees reporting to position consisting of Credit Analyst and commercial loan support. Coordinates recruitment and selection of new employees, development of performance standards, performance appraisals, on-going employee development and training, delegation of work as appropriate, performance counseling and disciplinary action. Regularly reviews work performed by employees for accuracy and thoroughness.  Holds regular meetings with staff to keep them informed of changes and developments affecting the Bank and their jobs and disseminates information in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Cultivates new and retains existing customer relationships.  May personally manage particularly complex, large, and/or high-profiles transactions.  Interacts with customers to ensure needs and perspectives are considered in the management decision making process. Addresses customer complaints or concerns as needed.
  • Manages special projects as assigned by President. Includes information gathering, decision making, communication and implementation, feedback and follow up with employees and/or functions affected by the project.
  • Prepares a variety of reports and correspondence as needed to effectively and professionally transact business for the Bank.
  • Represents the Bank in various business, trade, charity, civic and social organizations to support the community and provide for positive public relations. Participates in community service activities as a representative of the Bank. Speaks at community events on appropriate topics as requested.
  • As a Bank Officer, has certain cash, security, lock up and oversight responsibility.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Keeps abreast of market, key economic data, and regulatory changes which may impact the financial performance of the Bank.
  • Maintains up-to-date job knowledge through professional reading and affiliation with appropriate industry organizations.
  • Performs other duties as may be necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of this position.

Work Relationships and Scope:

Reports directly to the President for internal activities, and to the Board of Directors for credit reporting responsibilities. Direct reports include lending (Credit Analyst) and loan personnel (Commercial Processing/Servicing Manager) plus Loan Collection Specialist. Works very closely with other Lenders at the Bank. Has frequent contact with regulators, government agencies and other outside parties. Access to highly confidential customer, financial and general Bank information. Responsible for significant financial commitments in loan approval authority. Contact with other banks to exchange information. Regular contact with local community and business customers, trade and civic groups, and other banking professionals.

Competencies and Measures of Performance:

Quality, accuracy, reliability, friendliness, thoroughness and timeliness of services provided to the Bank, customers and co-workers; ability to gain the trust and respect of other managers and employees; customer satisfaction with services provided by the Bank; accessible and responsive to the needs and concerns of management, the Board of directors, and employees; soundness of business decisions made; ability to develop new loan and banking policy and interpret established policies and procedures consistent with their intent, and determine when exceptions may be appropriate; ability to effectively resolve workplace conflicts, supervise employees and delegate work; effectiveness of communications and development of good working relationships; adherence to the Bank’s Code of Conduct; participation in training and appropriate professional development; informing and marketing of additional Bank services through cross-selling; professional work place appearance and behavior.

Bank Responsibilities:

  • Promote the bank’s interests by following all bank policies and procedures, demonstrating excellent customer service skills, and taking advantage of every opportunity for service selling.
  • Strict adherence to policy of confidentiality.
  • Maintain personal financial obligations.
  • Professional appearance and manner.
  • Provide consistent, top-quality customer service.
  • Positive teamwork attitude with peers.
  • Normal working days/hours are usually Monday through Friday. Some overtime may be required on occasion depending upon work load and time of year.

Civic Responsibilities:

  • Positive representation of the bank within the community, promoting the bank in order to obtain deposit and/or loan growth for the bank through customer and personal contacts. Maintain contact with customers, the public, and the community. Conduct relationships in a manner that will enhance the overall marketing effort of the bank and promote the bank’s products and services.
  • Volunteer for public relation activities, fundraisers, non-profit organizations, or other events within the community throughout the year to show support for the community and its residents while promoting the bank.

Position Qualifications:

  • Knowledge, skill, and mental development equivalent to the completion of post-secondary education, with continuing educational schools/seminars/workshops relating to banking, lending, supervising, management, etc.
  • Fifteen years bank employment and lending experience required.
  • Five years bank management and supervisory experience required.
  • Excellent people, communication, organizational, problem solving, and leadership skills. Ability to create and maintain good interpersonal relationships with other management members, co-workers, and customers.
  • Positive attitude and professional appearance.
  • Pleasant, outgoing, helpful, and friendly personality and behavioral traits.
  • Excellent analytic skills and judgment required.
  • Computer, keyboard, various software programs, calculator, copy machine, telephone, fax machine, and other various office equipment experience/knowledge.

General Physical Demands:

  • Standing/walking: varies per day
  • Sitting: varies per day
  • Lift/carry/bend/squat/twist/climb stairs: varies per day
  • The variables in the physical demands for this position are due to the nature of the job, as some days are spent working at a desk in a clean office environment, and some days are spent out on a farm or at a commercial business. Ability to physically negotiate barns, cow yards, fields, machine sheds, commercial buildings, etc., is required.
  • Repetitive fast fine motor usage of bilateral upper extremities. Dexterity/coordination required.
  • Color vision, depth perception, reading, writing, typing, listening/hearing, and speaking/communicating are required.
  • This position falls within a medium physical demand category due to the farm and commercial business visits.
  • Accommodations will be made to allow for meeting above requirements when it does not place an undue hardship on the bank.

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