Our Search Process

The ASG Search Process is a comprehensive client-centered approach to find the best possible talent in the marketplace based on each client's unique needs.  This process is tailored to attract, qualify, and deliver optimal candidates for your organization.

Conduct initial client consultation

  • Conduct a complete Needs Analysis Profile (NAP).
  • Assess urgency & project timeline.
  • Discuss the hiring process.
  • List specific requirements & candidate qualifications.

Complete ideal candidate profile

  • Build a profile of the ideal candidate based on the position description & NAP (Needs Analysis Profile)

Establish expectations of the search

  • Create search timeline.
  • ASG and search committee agree to the search process.

Initiate plan through networking and recruiting

  • Send e-mail or “white paper” to client to confirm the specifications of the search for approval and sign-off.
  • Assemble the project team and begin marketplace research.
  • Compile, review and revise list of targeted companies and build a search plan.

Schedule interviews

  • Meet with prospective candidates after thorough telephone screening and exchange of information.

Present qualified candidates to clients

  • Identify 4-6 candidates to present to client for review.
  • Present candidate resumes to client along with written profile of candidate qualifications and summary presentation letter from each candidate.

Select the most qualified candidates

  • Review and discuss each candidate in depth.
  • Select the most qualified candidates for a face-to-face meeting with the search committee.

Profile & interview candidates

  • Coordinate candidate interviews with the client and /or search committee.
  • De-brief each candidate after interview and provide client  with interview feedback.

Provide thorough references

  • Once finalist candidate(s) are selected, obtain and complete 3 references (recorded, transcribed and presented via e-mail).
    Background check on the candidate - conducted upon request.

Schedule 2nd interviews for final candidate(s)

  • Coordinate 2nd interviews for final candidate(s).
  • De-brief each candidate after interview and provide client with interview feedback.

Perform appropriate testing

  • Background check on the candidate conducted upon request.
  • Complete Drake P3 Assessment upon request.

Extend and develop employment offer made by ASG or client

  • Final interview / offer stage – Get verbal offer and candidate’s verbal acceptance.
  • Obtain offer in writing, including benefit information.

Close candidate on behalf of client

  • Have candidate contact hiring authority directly to accept and determine start date.

Assist candidate with career transition

  • Work with candidate through the resignation process.
  • Confirm the resignation and follow up with candidate on the day of resignation.

Continual follow-up

  • Contact candidate on the 1st week of new position.
  • Contact client during the 1st week and thereafter.
  • Conduct conclusion interview with client to ensure project was successful.